Benson Kwok Joon-fung appointed as new Director of Immigration Department to succeed retiring Au Ka-wang

Benson Kwok

19th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) According to the recommendation and nomination by the Hong Kong government, the State Council decided last Wednesday (13th) to appoint Benson Kwok Joon-fung, the former Deputy Director of the Immigration Department, as the new Director of the Immigration Department, replacing the retiring Au Ka-wang. Kwok joined the Immigration Department in 1989 and has since been promoted multiple times, currently serving as the Deputy Director responsible for control, visa, and document-related matters.

He has extensive experience in formulating and implementing immigration control policies, personal identification documents, visas, and pre-entry regulations. Kwok has been previously assigned to the Beijing office to assist Hong Kong residents in mainland China during critical situations and has led the Immigration Department’s counter-terrorism unit in cross-departmental counter-terrorism efforts.

Commenting on the appointment of Mr Kwok, Mr Lee said, “Mr Kwok has served in the Immigration Department for 34 years and has extensive experience in departmental operations.  He possesses solid management and leadership skills.  I am confident that he will lead the Immigration Department to meet the challenges ahead.”
Speaking on the retirement of Mr Au, Mr Lee said, “Since taking up the appointment as Director of Immigration in July 2020, Mr Au has made admirable efforts in ensuring effective entry-exit control and smooth passenger clearance, leading the Immigration Department to become an immigration service that displays high efficiency and professionalism.  On behalf of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government, I convey my gratitude to Mr Au for his contribution to the HKSAR and wish him a happy retirement.”