Belinda Hamnett celebrates her 45-year-old birthday at a boat party

    Picture credit: [email protected]

    5th October 2020 – (Hong Kong) Belinda Hamnett, the 45-year-old Hong Kong actress recently celebrated her 45-year-old birthday with her close friends, Franky Choi, Vinci Wong and Kathy Chow who are all in the entertainment industry. She uploaded many pictures on her being surrounded by hunks on her Instagram account.

    According to Wikipedia, Belinda Hamnett  born 28 September 1975 in Hong Kong is an actress, model and ex-beauty queen. Being crowned Miss Asia Pageant 1997 effectively launched her career in the fashion and entertainment industry.

    Belinda Hamnett spent her childhood and teenage years in Singapore where her father was stationed. Her father is English and her mother is Chinese. Hamnett resided in Changieastern Singapore, where she was a student at Changkat Changi Secondary School. Hamnett attended Sunday school at St Hilda’s Church in Ceylon Road.

    Hamnett was awarded the title of Miss Asia in ATV‘s Miss Asia Pageant held in Hong Kong in 1997.

    In 2006, Hamnett revealed that she has overcome anorexia with the help of medical practitioners. Hamnett commented, “Although my body has not reached the stage the doctors approve of, but I am already very pleased. I am very happy at the moment.”