Belgian PM tests negative for COVID-19

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

Xinhua News

24th November 2021 – (Brussels) Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo tested negative for COVID-19 on Wednesday, following a meeting with his French counterpart Jean Castex who tested positive on Monday.

The two prime ministers met in Brussels for a meeting on Franco-Belgian security, after which the French prime minister tested positive for coronavirus and De Croo went into isolation awaiting the results of the PCR test he took on Wednesday.

Although the results of the test lifted all quarantine restrictions, De Croo is expected to continue partly working from home until he undergoes a second test on the seventh day.

The fourth wave of the pandemic is in full swing in Belgium, and new measures such as mandatory mask wearing in indoor public spaces have entered into force to curb the rise in infections.

All COVID-19 indicators have been in the red for over a week. In the week of 14th to 20th Nov, 15,890 infections were registered daily, according to the Sciensano Public Health Institute.

Hospital admissions have shot up by 22 percent in the week of 17th to 23rd Nov, including in intensive care units where 656 patients are currently being treated, an 18 percent increase from last week.