Beijing’s top official engages with Hong Kong financial leaders on day five of city visit

Xiao Baolong

26th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Xia Baolong, Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, is slated to hold discussions with key figures from Hong Kong’s financial sector on the fifth day of his visit to the metropolis.

Upon his arrival on Monday morning at the government headquarters in Tamar, Xia was officially welcomed by John Lee, the Chief Executive, and Paul Chan Mo-po, the Financial Secretary. The delegation’s arrival was marked by the presence of a motorcade, underscoring the importance of the visit.

The high-profile meeting drew industry heavyweights such as Laurence Li, Chairman of the Financial Services Development Council, and Adrian David Li, co-chief executive of the Bank of East Asia. These interactions are seen as pivotal in aligning the financial sector’s objectives with broader policy directions emanating from Beijing.

Sources indicate that Xia’s schedule also includes engagements with representatives of international business chambers and local patriot organisations later in the day. These meetings are poised to offer a platform for dialogue on enhancing Hong Kong’s role as a global financial hub while adhering to the principles upheld by patriot-led governance.