Beijing rejects Carrie Lam’s resignation on several occasions and insists that she has to stay to clean up the mess she created


14th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Financial Times reported that the Chief Executive, Carrie Lam has attempted to resign many times but Beijing has refused to relieve her from her official duties. The city has been plagued incessantly with street protests and civil unrests after the government attempted to push through an amended extradition bill.

Beijing insisted that Ms Lam “has to stay to clean up the mess she created”, according to one person with direct knowledge of the situation. “No one else can clean up the mess and no one else wants the job.”

Carrie Lam has since suspended instead of withdrawing fully the extradition bill as demanded by the people of Hong Kong. The move has angered Hong Kongers who regard the use of the word ‘suspension’ as insincere.

The bill was Ms Lam’s initiative and not Beijing’s, the people with direct knowledge of the situation said.

The crisis has renewed questions about the viability of the “one country, two systems” model under which Hong Kong has been governed since the handover of the city from British to Chinese rule in 1997.

This allowed for a high degree of political and legal autonomy from Beijing for 50 years but has meant that chief executives — who are appointed by Beijing — face the difficult task of balancing the interests of Hong Kongers with the will of mainland China.w