Beijing accuses Western nations of defamation over espionage charges

China's Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin.

24th April 2024 – (Beijing) Beijing has hit back against recent espionage charges in Germany and the United Kingdom, alleging that these accusations are part of a broader Western strategy to tarnish China’s image. The statement came after a series of arrests in Europe involving individuals suspected of relaying sensitive information to Chinese state entities.

In Germany, prosecutors announced the detention of three nationals, identified only by their initials, on Monday. They are suspected of participating in a project that involved sharing maritime technology insights and illicitly exporting a laser to China. Concurrently, in the U.K., two former parliamentary researchers were charged with passing confidential materials to Chinese handlers over a period extending from 2021 to the previous year.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, addressed these allegations in a press briefing, dismissing them as exaggerated and baseless. “These reports are hyped-up attempts at smearing and suppressing China,” Wang stated, urging an end to what he described as “false information” regarding a Chinese espionage threat.