Barrister George Chu files suit against Apple Daily for defamation in the High Court


11th June 2021 – (Hong Kong)  Barrister George Chu filed a lawsuit against Apple Daily for defamation in the High Court yesterday (10th). The complaint alleges that Apple published an article involving defamation of Chu in May 2006. The article continued to be published until 21st April this year and violated the settlement agreement between the two parties earlier. Therefore, he requested the court to prohibit the other party from publishing it.

The article involved relevant defamatory speech, and the other party is required to make compensation including aggravated damages.

According to the filing, the defendant published a defamatory article on the plaintiff on 21st May, 2006, and it was still published on 21st April this year. Therefore, the plaintiff requested the defendant to pay compensation for this matter and requested the court to declare that the defendant violated the settlement agreement of both parties in 2006. The settlement agreement concluded in 1991 prohibits the defendant from publishing articles involving relevant defamatory statements.

In 2000, George Chu was suspended for six months after a disciplinary tribunal found he pretended to have a first class honours degree when applying for a scholarship at the University of Hong Kong. He was admitted to the Bar in 1994. He also breached a promise to the university not to operate as a barrister once he became a post-graduate student, the Barristers’ Disciplinary Tribunal found.