“Barbie” takes the box office crown from “Super Mario Bros” in a girl-powered triumph


25th August 2023 – (Los Angeles) In a remarkable display of girl-power, Warner Bros’ “Barbie” has swooped in and claimed the top spot at the domestic box office, dethroning the fan-favourite “Super Mario Bros.”

“Barbie” continues to dominate the box office with an impressive $2.55 million in ticket sales this week, bringing its total domestic box office earnings to $575.4 million as of Thursday. This surpasses the $574.2 million mark set by “Super Mario Bros.”

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that “Barbie” reached this milestone in just 34 days since its initial release, while it took “Mario and Luigi” a whopping 138 days to achieve the same feat.

On a global scale, “Barbie” has raked in an impressive $1.3 billion, placing it just slightly behind Warner Bros’ top box office earners of all time: “Super Mario Bros” with $1.35 billion and “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II” with $1.34 billion.

However, “Barbie” shows no signs of slowing down and is poised to overtake both of these films in the near future.

Since its premiere on 21st July, “Barbie” has been breaking barriers and setting records left and right.

The film’s opening weekend was a sensation, earning a staggering $155 million in the North American market. This not only marked the biggest opening weekend of the year but also the largest debut ever for a film directed by a woman. Director Greta Gerwig has now etched her name in history as the highest-grossing female movie director to date.

But the competition between “Barbie” and “Super Mario Bros” is far from over. As “Barbie” continues to make waves, “Super Mario Bros” is preparing for a re-release this weekend on Universal’s streaming service, Peacock, to coincide with National Cinema Day. Meanwhile, “Barbie” is set to make its IMAX debut on 22nd September, featuring exclusive end credits and footage.

Capitalising on the monumental success of the “Barbie” movie, various businesses are jumping on the trend and cashing in by producing a wide range of pink merchandise.

Having earned an astonishing $1 billion worldwide in just three weeks, “Barbie” has transcended the silver screen to make an impact in other sectors, from fashion to food.