Bali authorities issue guidelines for foreign tourists

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3rd June 2023 – (Bali) The authorities in Bali have released a circular outlining guidelines for foreign tourists visiting the Indonesian resort island. The move comes after several incidents of foreigners disrespecting local culture and laws sparked outrage among residents.

The circular lists 16 rules that aim to preserve Bali’s culture, environment, and security. Tourists will receive the card upon arrival, which will be attached to their passports. The guidelines warn that tourists who break the rules could face legal consequences under Indonesian law.

The circular urges tourists to respect Bali’s culture by dressing modestly, honoring temples and religious symbols, using the local currency, and following local customs. It also asks them to protect the environment by avoiding littering, pollution, and single-use plastics.

Tourists are warned to obey traffic laws, avoid drug and alcohol abuse, use licensed guides and accommodation, and refrain from working or doing business illegally. The guidelines also ban tourists from entering sacred areas of temples unless they are wearing Balinese traditional clothing or praying, climbing sacred trees, and desecrating temples, religious symbols, or holy objects, including taking nude photos.

Additionally, tourists are warned against using vulgar language, behaving rudely, making noise, or acting aggressively towards authorities, locals, or other tourists.

The Balinese have expressed their discontent with foreign visitors who disrespect their culture and ignore traffic rules. The incidents include the two Russian bloggers who stripped naked at sacred sites and a German woman who interrupted a temple ceremony in the nude. Many foreigners also worked online without proper visas.

Bali is known for its rich culture and stunning scenery, attracting millions of tourists every year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected its economy and tourism sector. The guidelines aim to promote responsible tourism and preserve Bali’s culture and environment.