Baffled Hong Kong man seeks answers to mysterious ‘Mainland China smell’


28th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) A man from Hong Kong recently posted on the Facebook group inquiring about a peculiar smell that he encountered during his travels to mainland China. The man described the scent as being “very unique” and unlike anything he had ever smelled before. He expressed his curiosity about the source of the smell and asked if anyone else had noticed it.

The post quickly garnered attention, with many people chiming in to say that they too had experienced the same smell. However, no one could quite pinpoint what the smell was or where it was coming from. Some people described the smell as being similar to burning wood, while others likened it to the smell of gasoline or mould.

While some people found the smell unpleasant, others didn’t mind it and considered it a part of the unique experience of visiting mainland China. This is not the first time that a foreigner has commented on a distinctive smell in Hong Kong or mainland China. Earlier this year, a Japanese YouTuber visiting Hong Kong claimed that the city had a distinct “poop smell,” which sparked a heated debate on social media.

Many people on the Facebook group speculated about the source of the mysterious scent. Some suggested that it was the result of poor air quality caused by pollution or a lack of air conditioning. Others thought that it might be related to the food or drink that people consume in mainland China. Oneperson even proposed that the smell could be linked to the gasoline used in vehicles.

Despite the numerous comments and speculations, the cause of the smell remains a mystery. It is possible that the smell is just one of the many unique characteristics of mainland China, and visitors may just have to accept it as part of the experience.