“Avenue of Pop Dreams” breaking parade and exhibition to debut on Avenue of Stars on 23rd April

B-boy Four, B-boy SoSze, B-boy SoulGreen (Back row from left to right), B-boy C Plus (Front row left), B-girl Ifree (Front row right) will make their Avenue of Stars debut.

29th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) Avenue of Stars Management Limited has announced the launch of a new event called “The Avenue of Pop Dreams” in Hong Kong. The event is aimed at promoting Hong Kong’s pop culture and attracting tourists to the city. It will feature a breaking parade and a celebrity exhibition that pays tribute to four legendary stars from Hong Kong: Bruce Lee, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, and Danny Chan.

The parade, which will take place on 23rd April, will begin at the Statue of Bruce Lee on the Avenue of Stars and end at the Statue of Hong Kong Film Awards. It will feature music arrangements and choreography by indie musician MC Yan and his team, who will rearrange the top hits of the four legends. The parade will be performed by five members of the Hong Kong Breaking team, who will take members of the fan clubs, local residents, and tourists along the parade route.

During the parade, the Avenue of Stars will be divided into four zones, each featuring exhibition display boards, memorable quotes, or lyrics of the four legends. An exhibition of the four legends will also be hosted on the Avenue of Stars for two weeks, featuring their most iconic outfits and styles, as well as the stories of their rise to superstardom.

The spokesperson of Avenue of Stars Management Limited said that the event is a rare opportunity to pay tribute to the four superstars who have left an indelible mark in music, film, and local pop culture. The event aims to showcase Hong Kong’s unique pop culture and the charm of its diversity.

Details of “The Avenue of Pop Dreams”

Date23rd April, 2023 (Sunday) 
Time1.45pm – 2.30pm
LocationAvenue of Stars, Tsim Sha Tsui (Start: the Statue of Bruce Lee – Pass through the Statue of Anita Mui – End: the Statue of Hong Kong Film Awards)
OrganiserAvenue of Stars Management Limited
Co-organiserYau Tsim Mong District Office
Supporting OrganisationsBruce Lee Club, Mui Nation, That’s Leslie•United Leslie and Danny Chan (HK) Fans Club
Exhibition23rd April – 7th May, 2023; Exhibition to feature the iconic outfits and styles of the four legends and their selected masterpieces