Authorities hold individuals responsible for fatal construction accident in Shanxi Province, China


26th November 2023 – (Tai Yuan) Local authorities in north China’s Shanxi Province have taken action to hold individuals accountable for a tragic construction accident that claimed the lives of seven people, according to official statements made on Sunday.

The incident occurred at approximately 10pm on Friday at a construction site located in Anze County. Tragedy struck during the concreting process for a structure when the scaffolding suddenly collapsed, resulting in the deaths of six workers and one operator of a concrete pump car.

In the aftermath of the accident, rescue operations were swiftly initiated to locate and retrieve the bodies of the victims. The search efforts concluded at around 9am on Sunday, as confirmed by local authorities.

The incident has prompted authorities to launch an investigation into the causes and circumstances surrounding the collapse of the scaffolding. Preliminary findings indicate that negligence or failure to adhere to safety protocols may have played a role in the tragic incident. As a result, those responsible for the accident will face legal consequences in accordance with the law.