Authorities ditch last-minute plan to transfer 1,400 residents of Yat Kwai House to quarantine facilities


21st January 2022 – (Hong Kong) At least 16 people in Yat Kwai House in Kwai Chung Estate were infected with the variant virus. Reliable sources revealed that in order to avoid a large-scale outbreak, the authorities originally planned to put all about 1,400 residents of Yat Kwai House in compulsory quarantine, and arranged for them to be transferred to Penny’s Bay Quarantine Centre and Silka Seaview Hotel in Tsuen Wan, but the authorities temporarily changed the plan last night as it intended to observe the situation for a while before finalising the plan. The relevant parties were on standby to pick up vehicles and supplies. The expert reports in the next two days are crucial before the authorities will make the next move.

It is reported that another reason for not arranging all residents to stay in the quarantine facilities is the tight supply of units. If all residents are arranged to stay in the quarantine facility for 14 days, the quarantine facilities will reach full capacity. Therefore, the authorities agreed with the expert’s suggestion that only members of the infected family will be arranged for quarantine, and the rest of the residents will only be subject to compulsory testing for the time being.

However, David Hui, another government expert consultant and chair professor of the Department of Respiratory System at CUHK, said on a radio program this morning (21st) that the relevant testing efforts were insufficient, and all residents of Yat Kwai House should be prohibited from entering and leaving the building for 3 days, and the government should send supplies on their behalf to ensure that only when their test results are negative after a period of time before they can go out to the community. Hui said that it is believed that the common areas of Yat Kwai House, such as the lobby and the garbage rooms, are likely to be polluted extensively. It is best for the residents of the building to be confined for 3 days, but it is estimated that the government does not have enough manpower to deal with the lockdown, and the quarantine centre does not have enough space for all the residents exceeding 1,400 in total. He appealed to the residents not to go out to work for the time being as much as possible.