Authorities conduct anti-vice operation in Tai Po and Shek Wu Hui, 3 mainland Chinese women arrested


8th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) Police officers in the Tai Po district, along with personnel from the Immigration Department, conducted an anti-vice operation in the Tai Po Market and Shek Wu Hui areas on the afternoon of 8th June.

During the operation, the authorities arrested three mainland Chinese women aged between 31 and 39 on suspicion of violating their conditions of stay. The arrests were made at a unit on San Fung Avenue in Shek Wu Hui, where the women were taken into custody and are currently being held for further investigation. The case will be followed up by the Immigration Department.

The operation is part of the ongoing efforts by the Hong Kong authorities to combat illegal activities, including vice and human trafficking. The authorities have been stepping up their efforts to crack down on these activities, particularly in light of the recent rise in cross-border crime.

The Tai Po Market and Shek Wu Hui areas have been identified as hotspots for vice activities, with many establishments suspected of providing illegal services. The authorities have been working to gather intelligence and conduct targeted operations to disrupt these activities and bring those responsible to justice.

The Hong Kong government has been taking a tough stance on illegal activities, particularly those related to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. In recent years, the authorities have implemented a range of measures to combat these activities, including strengthening law enforcement, increasing public awareness, and providing support to victims.