Australian firefighters calendar cover stars make surprise visit to Hong Kong for TamJai hot pot event

Source: Tamjai

5th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Tam Jai International, a local chain restaurant group, is set to expand its presence in Australia and New Zealand through a partnership with Australian F&B conglomerate ST Group. The expansion follows the success of Tam Jai’s venture into the Japanese market. To commemorate this significant milestone, TamJai Yunnan Mixian and TamJai SamGor Mixian have invited three attractive Australian firefighters, who have previously graced the covers of the renowned Australian Firefighters Calendar, to visit Hong Kong. The firefighters will be the first to sample the restaurants’ new spicy Hot Pot menu.

Brenden Purvis and Ricky Smith from the Brisbane Fire Department, along with Michael Galanos from the Melbourne Fire Department, are the three heartthrob heroes who will be participating in this special event. On December 8, they will visit various TamJai outlets, joining diners in savouring the new menu items. The event aims to raise funds for Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adaption Centre.

During the event, diners who donate $20 to the shelter will have the opportunity to take photos with or collect autographs from the attractive firemen. Additionally, those who donate $200 will receive a personally signed 2024 Australian Firefighters Calendar, available while stocks last. To obtain the calendar, interested individuals can visit the TamJai locations in Admiralty or TamJai SamGor in Central during the firefighters’ visit.

The firefighters express their excitement about trying authentic flavours in Hong Kong, emphasizing that Australia has its own Chinatown, making them no strangers to Chinese cuisine. They hope to be welcomed with the same level of enthusiasm and are more than happy to contribute to the fundraising efforts while flexing their muscles and “putting out the fire” for everyone.

Below is the schedule of the firefighters’ visit to TamJai outlets:

  • 11.45am-12.45pm: TamJai Moko branch
  • 1.15pm-2.15pm: TamJai SamGor Tern Plaza branch
  • 6.45pm-7.30pm: TamJai Far East Finance Centre
  • 8pm-8.45pm: TamJai SamGor Wellington Street branch

The arrival of the three Australian firefighters has generated significant buzz on social media, with many fans eagerly anticipating their visit. The firefighters, known as the “gods of the firefighting world,” including Brenden Purvis, Michael Galanos, and Ricky Smith, have already shared videos showcasing their impressive fitness and physique, further fueling the anticipation among Hong Kong fans.

Brenden, who bears a resemblance to “Captain America” actor Chris Evans, demonstrates his strength by completing 11 pull-ups in just 15 seconds. Ricky, with a charming smile reminiscent of Bradley Cooper, effortlessly performs 10 sit-ups in the same timeframe. Both firefighters display their well-toned arms and six-pack abs, captivating fans with their physical prowess.

Brenden expresses his gratitude for the overwhelming support and encouragement he has received from Hong Kong fans. He is honored to be invited to the event and is working hard to get in shape for the trip. He jokingly mentions that he hopes to impress everyone with his physical transformation upon his arrival at the airport and looks forward to indulging in Hong Kong’s various culinary delights.

Michael, whose smile resembles that of actor Keanu Reeves, completes 20 push-ups in 15 seconds. Ricky, with his radiant smile akin to Bradley Cooper’s, effortlessly performs 10 sit-ups in the same timeframe. Both firefighters proudly display their well-sculpted biceps and eight-pack abs. Michael expresses his gratitude for the warm welcome from Hong Kong fans and looks forward to experiencing the city’s beautiful sights and delicious food. He is particularly excited to try the classic soup bases, ingredients, and rice noodles of TamJai’s “Hot Pot” concept.

Ricky expresses his surprise at the attention the Australian Firefighters Calendar has received in Hong Kong. He highlights that the calendar not only showcases their firefighting heroism but also raises funds for animals. He emphasizes that the upcoming event in Hong Kong aims to support the “Big Tree Animal Sanctuary” and hopes that everyone will generously donate. Ricky eagerly anticipates meeting everyone and invites fans to welcome them at the airport, allowing them to experience the “hotness” of Hong Kong’s citizens firsthand.