Aussie police arrest 6 men after investigation into transnational drug ring


Xinhua News

24th November 2022 – (Sydney) The Australian authorities have arrested six men over the involvement of distributing more than 300 kg of methylamphetamine and cocaine after a multi-agency police investigation.

On Wednesday, strike force investigators conducted 16 searches in Sydney, seizing more than 1.2 million Australian dollars (about 0.8 million U.S. dollars) in cash, a rifle, ammunition, gold bullion, cigarettes, cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, steroids, electronic devices, cryptocurrency wallets and documents.

Five men aged between 30 and 44 were arrested during the raids, facing charges that include supplying a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug.

Shortly after, the other two men, 28 and 32, were also arrested at a vehicle stop. A further 1.4 million Australian dollars (about 0.9 million dollars) were seized as part of this operation.

The 32-year-old man was later released pending further inquiries.

The New South Wales (NSW) police said the six men were charged over their alleged link to a transnational organized criminal network.

Prior to Wednesday’s raids, police officers had intercepted and seized about 220 kg of methylamphetamine in Los Angeles, bound for Australia, about 60 kg of cocaine at a Sydney freight depot and 960,000 Australian dollars (about 650,000 dollars) in cash.

NSW Police Detective Superintendent Peter Faux said co-offending across criminal syndicates was becoming more prevalent.

“While the different methods of concealment aren’t new, it’s the level of involvement from various criminal syndicates to bring in shipments which is of note,” Faux said.