Audience member injured as Sir Ian McKellen falls off stage in London

    Insert picture: Sir Ian McKelle. Right: Johanna.

    22nd June 2024 – (London) Sir Ian McKellen, celebrated for his roles both on screen and stage, suffered a fall during a live performance at London’s Noël Coward Theatre that also resulted in injuries to an audience member. Johanna, from Leatherhead, Surrey, was struck when the 85-year-old actor tumbled off the stage amidst a fight scene in the play “Player Kings.”

    The accident occurred on Monday evening, startling the first-row audience where Johanna was seated with her brother and a friend. According to Johanna, the fall happened as Sir Ian tripped over a stage prop, propelling him into the audience and causing him to collide with her knee. The impact was severe enough to send Johanna to the hospital with soft tissue injuries.

    Johanna recounted how the sudden event left her in shock, emphasizing the theatre staff’s initial hesitation in responding effectively to her distress. While staff members eventually assisted her and evacuated the theatre, Johanna felt that the immediate care she received was lacking, save for the intervention of a doctor present in the audience.

    The theatre’s spokesperson expressed regret over the incident, ensuring that an investigation with the producers is underway to prevent such occurrences in the future. They also confirmed that both Sir Ian and Johanna are being provided with ongoing support and assistance.

    Sir Ian, known for his roles such as Gandalf in “The Lord of the Rings,” has expressed his regret over the incident and shared that he is currently undergoing physiotherapy and taking necessary rest. Despite the mishap, he is optimistic about returning to the stage for upcoming performances in Bristol next month.