Auction of personalised vehicle registration marks including “NETFL1X” and “KMB BUS” to be held on 17th December


1st December 2022 – (Hong Kong) The Transport Department (TD) yesterday announced that an auction of personalised vehicle registration marks (PVRMs) will be held on 17th December (Saturday) at Meeting Room N201, L2, New Wing, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai. “A total of 240 approved PVRMs will be put up for public auction. A list of the marks has been uploaded to the department’s website,,” a department spokesman said. The reserve price of each of these marks is HK$5,000. Applicants who have paid a deposit of HK$5,000 should also participate in the bidding (including the first bid at the reserve price). Otherwise, the PVRM concerned may be sold to another bidder at the reserve price.

Among them, the combination of English letters and numeric numbers of some  PVRM is very interesting, such as "0LDFUNG", which has a homonym similar to the Cantonese proverb "Lo Fung" which means "taking somebody or something for granted" and"NETFL1X", which is similar to the video streaming platform Netflix,   "KMB BUS" which is popular among bus fans etc.