At least 30,000 protestors take part in the Sheung Shui march, violent clashes break out between police and protestors on San Wan Road


13th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) At least 30,000 protestors took part in the Sheung Shui march today which started from North District Sports Ground in Sheung Shui at 3.30pm today and ended at Sheung Shui Garden at 4.50pm.

At around 5pm, protestors clashed with police while police officers pepper sprayed them twice. Batons were also used to disperse the crowd. 15 minutes later, protestors were in a stand off again with police officers near Landmark North. Police officers pepper sprayed the protestors while they shielded themselves with umbrellas.

Troops of riot police reached North District Town Hall while road blocks were set up at San Wan Road. Red flag was raised to warn protestors who continued to hurl objects at police officers.

Meanwhile, several police officers besieged by protestors at around 5.50pm before more riot police officers dispersed them by using pepper spray and batons. One of the protestors was manhandled to the floor at around 5.50pm.

At around 6.20pm today, a plain clothes officer dropped a magazine from his handgun during the commotion.