Art industry, schools, and non-profit organisations unite to set new record for HK’s longest outdoor chalk drawing on Avenue of Stars


18th March 2023 – (Hong Kong) The AOS MANAGEMENT LIMITED invited over 200 representatives from the art industry, schools, and non-profit organisations to collaborate on a 60-meter long chalk drawing, breaking the record for Hong Kong’s longest outdoor chalk drawing on Avenue of Stars. The project aimed to showcase the participants’ pursuit of community diversity and inclusiveness.

In celebration of March’s Hong Kong Arts Month, K11 MUSEA and K11 Art Foundation will present the first-ever major graffiti and street art exhibition in China, titled “City As Studio” on 20th March. This exhibition marks the start of the annual K11 MUSEA Art Karnival. Over 200 participants had a chance to experience the joy of creating street art firsthand and collaborate with participating artists, including AIKO and Lee Quiñones, international animator Danny Casale, and local artist Bao Ho. They joined forces to set a new record for public art creation.

Founder and Chairman of the K11 Group and K11 Art Foundation, Adrian Cheng, said that this event not only cultivates interest in appreciating street art culture but also responds to the K11 Group’s commitment to promoting social diversity and inclusiveness. Cheng stated that they appreciate creativity inspired by daily surroundings and personal interpretations, both in the art and cultural fields. They embrace diversity and mutual respect in society to build a harmonious and inclusive community.

The participants expressed their pursuit of social diversity and inclusiveness through colourful artwork. The Kids4kids Foundation’s creation focused on a group of teenagers from different races and cultural backgrounds, showcasing a diverse, caring, and inclusive community. The Ling Liang Church Sau Tak Primary School’s artwork surrounded the school’s name with important values such as “respect,” “humility,” and “selflessness,” symbolising their commitment to uphold these core values and spread them to others. The students from Gigamind English Primary School painted the Hong Kong coastline in the style of legendary artist Keith Haring, who dedicated his life to promoting social diversity and inclusiveness. The students hope to spread Haring’s positive thoughts and ideas to the wider community through their artwork.

Curated by international renowned curator Jeffrey Deitch, “City As Studio,” presented by K11 MUSEA and K11 Art Foundation, is the highlight of this year’s K11 MUSEA Art Karnival. The exhibition showcases over 100 artworks from more than 30 artists, spanning different eras, styles, and regions, presenting the breadth and depth of graffiti and street art. “City As Studio” and Art Karnival will be held in six cities in mainland China to attract a wider audience and fulfill the K11 Group’s mission to promote art to the public.

Local artist Bao Ho (left) joined participants in creating street art, providing them with an opportunity to experience the joy of street art creation.