Arrested lawyer Daniel Wong allegedly involved in funding restaurant in Taiwan to help HK protesters in exile


14th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong police have arrested 11 people over suspected crimes related to assisting a group of 12 pro-democracy activists accused of attempting to flee the city by boat for Taiwan last year, local media and activists reported on Thursday. Daniel Wong, a lawyer who tried to help the 12 people detained in mainland China last August, was among those arrested.

In the past year, Daniel has often assisted young people who were arrested in the anti-extradition movement. In addition to posting bail for arrested protesters, he also served as a volunteer lawyer for the “Spark Alliance Fund” that supported the demonstrators. In December 2019, police froze HK$70 million raised by Spark Alliance for Hong Kong protesters. Police suspected the fund was used personal gain and rewards.

He used to speak on behalf of the four members of Spark Alliance arrested by the police. He questioned the police’s motive and that the police might have committed indiscriminate arrests. Therefore, many protesters were grateful to him for speaking out. However, it is suspected that because of his support of the protesters’ position and after he allegedly opened an “Umbrella” restaurant and second-hand clothing store in Taiwan to provide job opportunities for Hong Kong protesters in exile. He was regarded as a target by the mainland authorities. However, he has persistently claimed that he is not the owner of the Taiwanese restaurant which was splashed with chicken manure in October last year.

The Wen Wei Po reported in October last year that if Daniel had funded the opening of the Taiwanese restaurant, he would have violated the Hong Kong National Security Law by assisting or instigating others to split the country or subvert the regime.