Around 1,000 staff from the medical industry gather at Edinburgh Place


11th December 2019 – (Hong Kong) Around 1,000 staff from the medical industry gathered at Edinburgh Place in Central at around 7.30pm today. Many waved the flags with caption ‘Liberate Hong Kong, Revolutions of Times’ and held a ‘FREE HK’ LED light box. Some employees’ union representatives urged medical personnel to provide support for the protesters.

Representatives from Hospital Authority Employees Alliance hoped that medical staff could lament their difficulties and mistreatment through the gathering this evening. They further condemned police for firing tear gas rounds near Queen Elizabeth Hospital and for failing to respect the privacy of medical staff and patients. They also urged Hospital Authority not to apply double standard as it condemned staff for holding silent protests inside the hospitals while ignoring the tear gas rounds fired by police outside the hospital.

Medical staff hope to fight against ‘white terror’ and many have been urged to join the employees’ union which aims to protect their legal rights and interests. At present, there are around 100 members of the union.

At 9.30pm, the protesters dispersed.

Meanwhile, at 7.45pm, around 100 people gathered outside the British Consulate General in Admiralty. Some of them held British flags while some were waving British Hong Kong flags. They handed over a petition letter to the representative from British Consulate General to clarify the position of BNO (abbreviated BN, is a class of British nationality that was granted by voluntary registration to British Dependent Territories citizens who were Hong Kong residents before the transfer of sovereignty to China on 1 July 1997) and also to address the current problems in Hong Kong.