Apple Watch Series 8 rugged model to offer larger display, battery and stronger metal case

Apple Watch Series 8

By Britta O’Boyle, Deputy editor,

9th July 2022 – (Cupertino) Apple is expected to announce its next smartwatch later this year in the form of the Apple Watch Series 8, though more and more rumours are hinting at a rugged model to accompany the standard edition, as well as a new SE model.

The latest report comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman – who has an excellent track record when it comes to Apple devices – and it claims the rugged Apple Watch will have a larger display and a stronger metal case. Gurman has previously reported that a rugged model is coming.

According to Bloomberg sources, the rugged Apple Watch model will have a display resolution of 410 x 502 pixels and a display that’s nearly 2-inches compared to the current 1.9-inches. Other reports have specifically said the screen will be 1.99-inches. It is said this larger screen will allow for more information to be shown during exercise. 

The Bloomberg report also says the rugged Apple Watch would be made from a metal stronger than aluminium, though it doesn’t specify what metal this might be and that it would offer a larger battery capacity, which would make sense.

The rugged Apple Watch is expected to feature the same sensors as the Apple Watch Series 8, which is rumoured to include a body temperature sensor this time around. You can read all the rumours surrounding the Apple Watch Series 8 in our separate feature.