Apple Vision Pro arrives in Mong Kok with price ranges from HK$36,000 to HK$39,000

Apple Vision Pro

6th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Trinity Electronic Company, located in Sincere House, Mong Kok, has recently started accepting pre-orders for the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro. Despite its hefty price tag of nearly HK$30,000, the new device has not failed to generate excitement among Apple enthusiasts. Finally, the Vision Pro has made its way to select unofficial retailers in Hong Kong.

Trinity Electronic, known for its reliable reputation, has already received two units of the Apple Vision Pro, which were promptly purchased by eager customers. The store owner confirmed that these units were pre-ordered and expects additional shipments to arrive in the coming days. The 256GB model is priced at HK$36,000, while the 512GB variant is available for HK$39,000.

Compared to the official starting price of $3,499 in the United States, including shipping costs (approximately $400) and US sales tax (around 10%), the price of the parallel import version of the Apple Vision Pro seems reasonable.

The Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s first spatial computing, AR/VR device, leveraging unique spatial computing technology to deliver an exceptional virtual experience. Since its launch, the Vision Pro has been in high demand, with reports indicating over 200,000 pre-orders worldwide, causing a shortage in supply. However, there is hope that the unofficial retailers in Hong Kong will be able to maintain a limited stock of the parallel import units for a certain period, making it an attractive option for Apple enthusiasts.