Apple Inc. to host special event on 7th May amid anticipation of new iPad Pro and iPad Air releases

An Apple M2-powered iPad Pro concept. (Image source: @ld_vova on Twitter)

24th April 2024 – (Cupertino) Apple Inc. has announced it will host a special event on 7th May, as expectations mount over the anticipated release of updated iPad Pro and iPad Air models. The event, which will commence at 7am PT (2pm GMT), is set to take place against a backdrop of falling iPad sales and broader economic uncertainties.

In March, Bloomberg News reported that Apple’s overseas suppliers were increasing production, with a new launch targeted for early May. This update would mark the first major revamp of the iPad lineup since 2018, hinting at significant changes in design and functionality.

The update comes at a crucial time for Apple, as sales figures from the first quarter show a 25% decline in iPad revenue, amounting to $7.02 billion. This downturn is part of a wider trend affecting even the iPhone, Apple’s flagship product. With the tablet market facing pressure from reduced consumer spending, Apple’s upcoming products are seen as key to revitalising interest and sales.

The tech giant, which recorded total net sales of $119.58 billion in the first quarter ending 30th December, with iPads contributing just 5.9%, is also preparing for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled from 10th to 14th June