Apple Daily ironically approved to receive HK$29.81m under Employment Support Scheme to subsidise 744 employees despite its constant attacks on HK government


6th July 2020 – (Hong Kong) Next Digital’s “Apple Daily” has continued to lambaste the Chinese and Hong Kong governments for a long time and in particular, it even questioned the Hong Kong government’s “Employment Support Scheme” as a waste of public resources.

Ironically, Apple Daily and several of its subsidiary companies have also applied for subsidies under the scheme, and the total subsidies approved were at least HK$29.81 million. According to the payout list of the scheme, Apple Daily was approved with a whopping amount of HK$20.58 million, and the number of employees to be paid was 744.

Meanwhile, the printing company of Apple Daily was approved with HK$2.83 million, and the number of employees to benefit from the scheme was 101. The online version of “Apple Daily” began to implement a paywall subscription system in April last year. The affiliated Apple Subscription service company was approved of the sum of HK$460,000 and 17 employees will benefit from the scheme.

The Apple Daily Charity Fund was approved with a total of HK$180,000 and 7 employees will benefit from the subsidy. In addition, Next Digital Media Management Service company was approved with HK$5.31 million and 190 employees will benefit. The gaming company under Next Digital also received HK$450,000 and the subsidy will benefit 16 employees.