Appeal denied for female defendant sentenced to 30 months for participating in riots in 2019


21st September 2023 – (Hong Kong) In the aftermath of the Hong Kong Island protests on 29th September, 2019, a clash between police and demonstrators occurred, resulting in 96 individuals being charged with rioting and facing multiple related cases. Among these cases, nine defendants faced charges of rioting and recently underwent trial in a district court. Six of them pleaded guilty, while the remaining three maintained their innocence. After the trial, the three defendants who pleaded not guilty were convicted of rioting and sentenced to imprisonment ranging from 30 to 60 months. Discontent with her 30-month sentence, one female defendant filed an application for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal. However, after a hearing today (21st), the application was dismissed by Court of Appeal Judge Derek Pang, who deemed the grounds for appeal baseless and lacking substance, with no reasonable chance of success.