Has anyone tried the delicious traditional boat noodles at Aberdeen?


There is one famous ‘Lau Kee’ traditional boat noodles you must try if you are at Aberdeen area. Every day the boat stops at different locations and time (10am to 4pm daily), you can only order the noodles if you are in luck. Recently, the owner updates his location on his Facebook page so that regular customers can track his boat. You can also call him at 9140 2628 (No Whatsapp) to find out where his boat is.

The owner whips up delicious noodles on his boat.

Most customers who have tried his noodles will return again and again.
Lots of people queue in front of the boat everyday to taste the delicious noodles.

The secret ingredient of Lau Kee noodles lies in the fish soup base. The fish meat is dried before being cooked. Customers can choose from fish balls, fish slices, roast pork, roast goose or beef to go with the noodles. Each bowl is sold for only HK$27.