Anti-triad police arrest 15 men involved in unlicensed bar brawl in Yuen Long, including knife-wielding spectator


30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) In recent days, multiple videos circulating online have captured a heated altercation and brawl in a suspected unlicensed bar located in a commercial building in Yuen Long. One video shows a tattooed man being pinned down and assaulted, while onlookers cheer and goad the attackers. Another video depicts a man in a grey outfit holding a knife in his left hand and a microphone in his right, engaged in a standoff with others, accompanied by two additional men brandishing knives.

Following an investigation by the Anti-Triad Group of the Yuen Long Police District, authorities have revealed that several individuals were involved in the dispute and mass brawl inside two suspected unlicensed bars in Yuen Long on the 25th and 26th of this month. Some of those involved were suspected of possessing offensive weapons, resulting in the arrest of a total of 15 individuals.

The incident took place at a bar situated in the On Lok Industrial Building on 109-111 Yuen Long On Lok Road. The establishment was reportedly managed by a prominent figure in the local underworld, known as “Ah Nam,” with his associates responsible for overseeing the operations. The altercation is believed to have been triggered by a disturbance during social drinking.

According to the circulated videos, one clip shows a man in a grey outfit holding a knife in his left hand and a microphone in his right, confronting a group of individuals and demanding an explanation. He is heard admonishing others, saying, “Don’t make noise!” Two men wearing black jackets and white shirts are also seen holding long knives. As the camera pans away, a commotion is heard, and one of the knife-wielding men rushes towards the scene, concluding the video.

In another video, a tattooed man is seen being pushed against a wall, subjected to punches and having his clothing pulled. Spectators cheer on the assault, with one woman exclaiming, “Beat him up, that’s right!” Another person urges, “Those who are not involved, please step back!” Eventually, the tattooed man is pulled away by his friends, visibly aggrieved by the attack. However, the video does not provide any information about the cause of the incident or subsequent developments.

Law enforcement authorities have stated that based on reports of the altercations and mass brawls occurring in the two suspected unlicensed bars in Yuen Long on the 25th and 26th of this month, some individuals were suspected of possessing offensive weapons. In response, the Anti-Triad Group of the Yuen Long Police District swiftly launched a series of arrests over two consecutive days (29th to 30th). The two targeted venues, suspected of operating without licenses, were subjected to surprise searches on Hi Yip Street and Wang Yip Street East. As a result, 14 local men and one non-Chinese man, aged between 16 and 66, were apprehended on charges of “fighting.” Two men, aged 38 and 52, who are the respective owners of the two establishments, were also arrested on additional charges of “unlicensed sale of alcoholic beverages.” All the arrested individuals are currently being detained for further investigation.

During the operation, law enforcement officers seized approximately 600 cans of beer, 36 bottles of red wine, 6 sets of audio equipment, 5 sets of hanging lights, and 1 refrigerator. The investigation is still ongoing, and authorities do not rule out the possibility of more arrests. The case is being pursued by the first team of the Anti-Triad Group in the Yuen Long Police District.