Anti-extradition protestors on hunger strike march towards Government House to demand face-to-face dialogue session with Carrie Lam


15th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Protestors including Chan, the elderly man  who has gone on  hunger strike near Admiralty for over 220 hours started a march from Admiralty to Government House in Central from 6.30pm today to demand for a face-to-face dialogue session with Carrie Lam.

There were a total of 12 people who participated in the hunger strike. They jointly accumulated over 1,000 hours of fasting time but government still failed to respond to their four anti-extradition demands.

At 7.45pm today, hundreds of supporters could be seen following Chan and another protestor on hunger strike from behind while both of them were being pushed in a wheelchair. 9 other protestors who also participated in the hunger strike were being escorted carefully by other supporters.

The four demands requested by the protestors who have gone on hunger strike are as follows:

  1. Full withdrawal of extradition bill;
  2. Setting up of an independent inquiry commission;
  3. Retraction from the use of the ‘riot’ term;
  4. Exonerate all protestors who are charged.