Anti-Beijing Hongkongers and local British Chinese groups clash with each other in London’s Chinatown, one arrested


28th November 2021 – (London) A number of British Chinese groups held an anti-discrimination rally in London’s Chinatown last Saturday (27th). At the same site, some Hongkongers launched an anti-Chinese government event. After the rally, physical clashes broke out between the two parties. Some of them fell to the ground and were injured. Police arrived and the fight ended at the scene and at least one Chinese man was arrested. The anti-discrimination rally entitled “Stop Anti-Asian Racism and Reject the New Cold War” was organised by the London Civil Rights Law Centre and 2 other associations.

There were about 50 people on both sides. The fight started at around 2.18pm local time. The scuffle lasted for around 2 minutes before police subsequently arrived at the scene.