Anson Lo’s resemblance to child star in classic Hong Kong film sparks online buzz


    30th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) ViuTV’s latest drama series “Business Proposal” starring Anson Lo and Edan Lui has been generating significant attention among netizens. Recently, a screenshot from the 1999 Hong Kong film “Street Kids Violence: Three Equals Zero” resurfaced online, with claims that one of the child stars bears a striking resemblance to Anson Lo himself. This revelation quickly ignited discussions and became a hot topic of conversation. The child star in question has similar narrow eyes and a pointed face, leading many to believe it was indeed Anson Lo, but there’s a twist to the story.

    As the film was released when Anson Lo was just four years old, it is impossible for him to have been involved in the project as a child star. The mystery surrounding the identity of the child star was finally resolved when Carisa Yan, a fellow artist, shed light on the situation. She disclosed that the child star is, in fact, her younger brother. Carisa Yan humorously remarked that she also sees the resemblance between her brother and Anson Lo during their childhood. She playfully added, “He is actually my little brother! Looks like he’s gaining popularity just by sitting there! Reginald Yan! I also think he looks a lot like Anson Lo! He’s a rising star!”

    The discovery of the uncanny resemblance between Anson Lo and the child star from “Street Kids Violence: Three Equals Zero” has sparked intrigue and captivated online audiences. Fans and netizens have been sharing their thoughts and speculations about the intriguing connection between the two. The unexpected twist in the revelation has added an element of surprise to the story, leaving fans both amused and fascinated.