Anson Lo’s latest film faces box office challenges, despite fans boasting 40 viewings, grossing only approximately HK$6 million

    Anson Lo

    17th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Anson Lo, a popular member of the boy band MIRROR, recently starred in a new film that was released last month. Fans went all out to support their idol and boost the film’s box office performance. However, despite their efforts, the film has only grossed around HK$6 million in the three weeks since its release, falling short of Anson Lo’s previous film, “Counterfeit Girl Band.” Nevertheless, Anson Lo remains optimistic and has embarked on a promotional campaign, attending more than 30 screenings in the hopes of achieving better results.

    Anson Lo’s supernatural film, “It Remains,” premiered on the 24th of last month. The fans enthusiastically organised group bookings to watch the movie, with many fans reserving tickets for more than two screenings. Moreover, on the 16th, some fans boasted about watching the film a staggering 40 times, showcasing their immense fervour. During the early days of the film’s release, these dedicated fans, armed with special tickets, significantly contributed to the box office success, claiming that watching the film at least four times would entitle them to a special ticket. Anson Lo’s fan club also initiated a ticket redemption program, allowing fans to exchange 15 movie tickets for a photo frame with a signed picture. These unconventional strategies were employed to attract more viewers, but the film’s box office performance has yet to surpass his previous work.

    The lead actor, Anson Lo, has been actively involved in the film’s promotion. Yesterday, along with the film’s cast and crew, he embarked on a cinema tour to express gratitude to the audience. Originally scheduled for the 2nd of this month, the cinema tour was postponed due to a typhoon. It is reported that Anson Lo and his colleagues visited more than 30 cinemas, including locations in Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok, and Kowloon Bay, where they interacted closely with fans. The tour lasted for a total of 8 hours, ending at around 8pm.

    The first screening of the cinema tour was fully packed, with fans entering the venue with light sticks, cheering and showing their support. When Anson Lo made his appearance, the crowd erupted in screams, and many fans captured the moment with their cameras. Anson Lo spent only about 10 minutes at the event but made sure to take a group photo with the fans before leaving. After the photo session, many fans hurriedly left their seats to pursue their idol, resulting in a chaotic scene.

    In an interview, Anson Lo expressed that the cinema tour was not tiring for him. However, he did express concern about fans frequently rushing towards him, saying, “The time spent at each event is very short, but it seems like they have been planning for a long time. (How do you feel about the film grossing only HK$6 million so far?) I’m very happy; it’s considered a good result. What makes me happiest is that not only familiar fans but also those who may not usually watch horror movies have come to see it, and their feedback has been better than I imagined.” His previous film, “Counterfeit Girl Band,” earned HK$7.73 million at the box office in 2021, which the current film, “It Remains,” has yet to surpass. Anson Lo remarked, “The genres are different, and the film hasn’t finished its run yet. (Do you hope it will surpass HK$10 million?) I dare not make predictions. I’m still a newcomer to the film industry! Although today is my last day of the cinema tour, I still want to express gratitude for one more day and have more interactions and exchanges with the audience. Sometimes, the purpose of the cinema tour goes beyond just boosting the box office.”