Anson Lo criticised by netizens for not stopping performance in time during stage accident yesterday

    Ah Mo and Anson Lo

    29th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) An accident happened during the concert at the popular men’s boy band MIRROR last night in Coliseum. As seen in the video clip released on the Internet, when members Edan Lui and Anson Lo sang the song “Elevator”, a group of dancers also sang and danced on the stage. The 4m X 4m giant screen hanging in the air on the stage suddenly fell straight to the stage, hitting two male dancers, among them, the dancer Ah Mo, who is in the ICU, was a university classmate of Anson Lo.

    Anson Lo was criticised by netizens that during the incident, he was still singing. However, some people in the concert industry explained pointed out that the singers need to wear  in-ear monitors (IEMs) during performance. IEMs allow for more complex movement around the stage. In addition, the lights on the stage were immediately turned off, so it is speculated that Anson Lo could not immediately hear the crashing sound at that time. Another screenshot pointed out that the injured person was surrounded by people at the time, and Lo’s angle of view could not capture the giant screen falling. The spotlights on the stage will actually make many performers invisible. Therefore, if there is an accident, it is difficult for the performer to find out immediately.

    It was also rumoured that Lo left the stage due to shock and he was suspected of being petrified and he was admitted to the hospital for treatment. However, sources confirmed that he was not admitted to hospital. Lo’s Pop Up Store event, which was scheduled to start today, has also been cancelled.