Another smart zebra crossing trial spotted in Causeway Bay


29th May 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Transport Department (TD) has launched a smart zebra crossing trial scheme aimed at enhancing pedestrian safety. The trial, which began on 1st March, is taking place at the zebra crossing near ELCHK Kwai Shing Lutheran Primary School on Kwai Luen Road, Kwai Tsing.

The system uses thermal detectors installed on the Belisha beacons to detect vehicles approaching the zebra crossing and pedestrians waiting to cross the road. The brightness and flashing frequency of the beacons and illuminated posts will be adjusted to alert motorists to stop and give way to pedestrians. The system can also send out Bluetooth signals to alert visually impaired persons of the presence of the zebra crossing. Importantly, the system does not have a recording function and is not designed to monitor the behaviour of pedestrians and motorists. The thermal detectors do not possess any face or vehicle registration marks recognition functions.

The trial will last for 12 months, after which the TD will review its effectiveness and consider the way forward.

Recently, a netizen shared a picture of a smart zebra crossing in Causeway Bay, which some other netizens claimed cast a spooky red light on pedestrians at night. However, the TD has not reported any issues with the smart zebra crossing in Causeway Bay.