Another netizen accuses Rosewood Hotel of overcharging for toilet repair cost of HK$18,000


4th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) A netizen, Kobe Lam posted in a Facebook group recently alleging that when he stayed at the Rosewood Hotel at K11 MUSEA with his wife, the automatic toilet seat in the room malfunctioned. After it was repaired by hotel staff, a massive repair fee of HK$18,000 was claimed by the hotel and his deposit of HK$5,000 was forfeited.

The netizen said that on his 20th wedding anniversary with his wife, he booked a staycation at Rosewood Hotel. When he checked in, he was asked to pay HK$5,000 to HK$7,000 as a deposit by a front desk staff member named Fiona Ho. He was shocked that the deposit was exorbitant and unreasonable, but he still handed over HK$5,000 in cash as a security deposit in the event

Kobe Lam posted a picture of his room on the page and tagged Rosewood Hotel to say that the hotel should know who he is.
Picture source: Kobe Lam
Kobe Lam posted a picture of an anniversary picture provided by Rosewood Hotel. Picture source: Kobe Lam

Picture source: Kobe Lam
Personalised ‘”K.L.” pillowcase for the guest. Picture source: Kobe Lam

He alleged that the automatic toilet seat in the room automatically turned on and off from time to time. He then informed the hotel via room service to repair the toilet. However, after checking out, he was asked to pay the repair fee of HK$18,000. Kobe refused to pay and the hotel then forfeited his deposit of HK$5,000.

In response, Rosewood Hotel stated that the hotel lobby and the room facilities in the post photos were not consistent and the hotel has not recorded similar cases or complaints recently and pointed out that the relevant statement was untrue. Except for damage created by guests, the guest will not be charged for room maintenance. The spokesperson stated that the neon lights in the post were displayed in the lobby of the hotel in the middle of last month and the pictures of the facilities in the room were the furnishings provided by the hotel to guests a few months ago. The hotel checked the records and found no relevant case or similar complaint. The hotel continued to point out that the incidental deposits for guest rooms and suites are HK$2,000 and HK$3,000 per night respectively. They will not increase the amount of incidental fees for accommodation without authorisation from guests, and emphasised that hotels generally do not charge guests for rooms except for man-made damage. The hotel deeply regrets the false statement made on social media.

Some netizens also pointed out that Kobe had not been able to provide receipts for staying in the hotel to prove credibility. One day later, Kobe was still unable to provide evidence for verification and only left a message stating that his secretary would contact the media.

Kobe replied subsequently in the message thread that he booked a suite of HK$30,000 per night and he said he doesn’t like use credit cards and hence the deposit and room cost were paid in cash. He also said that his wife is getting all the receipts and proof and he will lodge a complaint formally with the Consumer Council after the Easter Holiday.

In March recently, another netizen, Lo shared her horrific experience after staying at Rosewood Hotel at K11 MUSEA to celebrate her birthday. She received an email from the hotel 32 hours after her stay to claim for HK$3000 for stain marks left in front of the bathroom. She checked out at 3pm on 17th March and received an email from the Guest Services Manager, Max Wagner at 11.30pm on 18th March.  The hotel continued to maintain that she had stained the carpet and demanded compensation, but the victim insisted that the carpet stain was already there when she checked into the room. The hotel should not have written to the guest to make a claim more than a day after the incident as anyone could have entered the room after she checked out. Hence, many possibilities could have occurred.