Another concert venue for local singer, Tommy Yuen Man-on cancelled after Denise Ho


    4th September 2021 – (Hong Kong) Following the cancellation of singer Denise Ho’s concert venue reservation by the Hong Kong Arts Centre a few days ago, another pro-democracy local artist’s concert venue was also cancelled. Local singer Tommy Yuen Man On said on Facebook today (4th) that he received a letter from the Macpherson Stadium that it has cancelled his performance venue reservations for next Thursday (9th) and next Friday (10th) on the grounds of venue closure.

    Yuen said on social media that there are many issues that need to be dealt with after the venue reservation is cancelled. The ticket refund will be announced later. He apologised to all citizens who have purchased tickets.

    On 13th of last month, Yuen announced his “Solo Concert 2046” and started to sell tickets at HK$380 and HK$580. Both nights were sold out.

    During the anti-extradition protests in 2019, Yuen has been actively expressing his position, even attended many rallies, and criticised the police’s handling of demonstrations on many occasions. In the illegal protest launched by netizens on 3rd August 2019, Yuen was accused of showing up near the demonstration site.

    During the International human rights day on 8th December, 2019, Yuen was leading the rally with a banner.

    After the cancellation of his concert venue, Yuen also publicly stated that the incident was obviously an act of political suppression and worried that artists with a clear anti-government stand would have less room for performances in the future.