Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung’s son Morton surpasses father’s height, approaching 1.9 meters

    Anita Yuen (right) and her son Morton Cheung (left).

    2nd April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Anita Yuen, former Miss Hong Kong, and Hong Kong actor Julian Cheung’s son, Morton Cheung, has inherited the excellent genes of his parents. Recently, his latest photos have surfaced, revealing that at the age of 17, he has grown taller and surpassed his father, Julian Cheung, in height. Internet users managed to capture Julian and his son in the wild at a supermarket in Repulse Bay. At the time, both of them were seen at the self-checkout counter, with Julian disguising himself as a young man, wearing a mask and a cap, and keeping his hands hidden throughout the process. Morton, dressed in a black short-sleeved tee, took charge of scanning the items and putting them into the bag. Although the photos only captured their backs, it was evident that Morton had long arms and legs. Despite slightly bending his waist and lowering his head, his height was already on par with Julian’s 1.8 meters. It is estimated that if Morton were to stand straight, he could easily reach 1.9 meters, leaving many netizens in awe.