Anime face filter: How to get the viral Snapchat filter and use it on TikTok



24th September 2020 – (Hong Kong) If you’ve spent more than a couple minutes on TikTok, Twitter, or Snapchat in the last day, you’ll probably have seen the hashtag #animefilter trending. And for good reason. The filter is genuinely one of the most fun (and funniest) filters to come along in ages. What the anime filter does is turn your face into the likeness of an anime character—and the results are pretty wild.

The #animefilter is particularly popular on TikTok—but the thing is, you won’t find the filter there. The #animefilter is actually a Snapchat filter that people are using and then manually porting over to TikTok. So, that means that if you want to share what you’d look like if you just stepped from a Japanese anime onto TikTok’s stage, you have to jump through a few hoops first. Here’s how to get the viral Snapchat anime face filter and use it on TikTok:

  1. On your smartphone, be sure you have Snapchat installed. Then click this direct link to the Snapchat anime filter.
  2. The link above will automatically open Snapchat.
  3. Next tap “Unlock for 48 hours” to unlock the anime face filter. This saves the filter into your Snapchat filter collection for two days.
  4. Now, use the Snapchat app to record a video of yourself using the filter.
  5. After recording a video that you’re happy with, save it to your camera roll on your smartphone.
  6. Finally, all you need to do is open up the TikTok app on your smartphone and upload the saved anime face filter video you recorded in Snapchat.

And that’s it. Now enjoy spending the day feeling like you’re the lead in the next Studio Ghibli film.