Angry TVB actor Waise Lee criticises Messi’s fans and questions their loyalty to China

    Waise Lee Chi-hung

    16th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) The controversy surrounding Argentine football icon Lionel Messi, continues to escalate. After his absence from the exhibition match between Inter Miami CF and a team of Hong Kong league players earlier this month, where he remained seated throughout the game, Messi faced a barrage of boos from disappointed fans. 64-year-old Hong Kong actor and Hong Kong star soccer team Waise Lee expressed his dissatisfaction with Messi’s behaviour in a video, questioning why people still admire him. However, despite the criticism, loyal Messi fans lodged complaints and successfully had Waise Lee’s video taken down from the platform. Unfazed by this, Waise Lee recently filmed another video, passionately admonishing Messi’s devoted followers, saying, “You dare to report my video? You guys who eat dog food are really something!”

    It is worth noting that many loyal Messi fans continue to support their idol unconditionally. In fact, they have even formed groups encouraging everyone to make videos expressing their support for Messi. Some individuals believe that Waise Lee is simply seeking attention and have given him the nickname “Waise Fok,” implying that he is trying to imitate outspoken Legislative Councillor for the Sports, Performing Arts, Culture and Publication Functional Constituency, Kenneth Fok. However, Waise Lee refuses to back down. In his recent video, titled “Never Forget National Humiliation: Be a Thoughtful and Courageous Chinese,” he fiercely criticises Messi’s devoted fans, stating, “If you can utter such brainless words, you are not worthy of being Chinese. I won’t bother arguing with dogs; they can bite me all they want. As for you, the hypocritical Hos, let me tell you something!”

    Waise Lee’s passionate remarks struck a chord with many viewers, as he passionately defended the contributions made by his own family, Fok family, to the nation. He pointed out that during the Korean War, the Fok family played a crucial role in delivering supplies from Hong Kong. Without those supplies, the current way of life might not have been possible. Challenging Messi’s fans, he questioned their ingratitude, asking, “Didn’t your father teach you to be grateful to those who provide you with water?” Waise Lee emphasised that this issue transcends mere differences in opinion; it is about the integrity and character of being Chinese. His emotional and indignant performance left a lasting impression.

    Waise Lee Chi-hung, born on December 19, 1959, is a renowned Hong Kong actor known for his portrayals of villains and antagonists in various films. He completed his training at TVB’s Artist Training Academy in 1982, alongside Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Francis Ng. Lee’s acting career took off in the 1980s when he made his mark as Tam Shing, the antagonist in John Woo’s 1986 film A Better Tomorrow. Since then, he has appeared in notable films such as A Chinese Ghost Story II (1990), To Be Number One (1991), Powerful Four (1992), The Big Heat (1988), Bullet in the Head (1990), and The Cat. On the television front, Lee is well-known for his roles in TVB-produced series like Mind Our Own Business (1993), Cold Blood Warm Heart (1996), Burning Flame (1998), and A Step into the Past (2001). While he made fewer appearances in TVB dramas after 2001, Lee ventured into rival ATV’s series To Where He Belongs in the same year. Additionally, he has been actively involved in mainland Chinese television series since the late 2000s. In terms of his personal life, Lee was previously married to fellow Hong Kong actress Angela Fong Hiu-hung, with whom he relocated to Toronto, Canada, and had a son named Jasper in 1994. However, they have since divorced. In 2010, Lee tied the knot with mainland Chinese actress Wang Yaqi, who belongs to the Hui ethnic group. They welcomed their son, Kyle, in June 2018.