Angelababy’s social media account downgraded following her controversial attendance of Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris


    5th December 2023 – (Shanghai) Popular actress Angelababy has faced another setback as her social media account has been downgraded. This comes in the wake of a controversy surrounding her alleged attendance at a “19+ restricted” strip dance performance by Lisa, a member of the popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK, at the Crazy Horse cabaret in France. She has been accused of promoting explicit content, which has severely tarnished her public image. It has been rumoured that she is facing a ban in mainland China, and as a result, her social media platforms have been completely restricted, causing significant damage to her career. The incident continues to generate attention and discussion, and recently, netizens have discovered that her social media account has been downgraded.

    Angelababy, who previously held an official certification with a red background and a golden V symbol on her social media platforms, boasted an impressive following of 105 million fans. However, starting from December, her account status has been downgraded to a regular yellow V. Typically, accounts with verified identities are required to have over 10,000 followers, more than 1,000 dedicated fans, and an article reading volume of at least 10 million in the past 30 days to attain the coveted red background and golden V certification. Unfortunately, due to the one-month ban imposed on her, she does not meet the criteria of achieving a 10 million article reading volume in the past 30 days, resulting in her account being downgraded.

    The news of Angelababy’s account downgrade has left her fans disheartened. It should be noted that since the revelation of her alleged involvement in the controversial performance and subsequent soft ban, she has had very few new work opportunities and updates. Last month, her social media account was officially banned with the statement, “Due to violations of relevant laws and regulations, the user is currently under a ban.” This further adds to the challenges she is facing in maintaining her professional presence on social media platforms.