Angelababy surprises fans upon arrival in Hong Kong for film awards

    Angelababy (right).

    14th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Celebrity Angelababy arrived in Hong Kong yesterday (14th) after departing from Shanghai in the morning. With a bare face and a duckbill cap, she was visibly surprised to see fans waiting for her at the scene. It is reported that Angelababy will attend the Hong Kong Film Awards, which will be held tonight.

    Upon spotting her fans, Angelababy approached them and engaged in casual conversations. She mentioned that she frequently returns to Hong Kong for work and was delighted to reunite with long-unseen fans. Angelababy recognized one of them immediately and greeted them with a friendly “Long time no see!” During the interaction, a fan presented Angelababy with a bag of red wedding candies. Appreciatively accepting the gift, Angelababy exclaimed, “Are you getting married? Congratulations!” The excited fan expressed joy in finally being able to give the candies to Angelababy, mentioning their fondness for her. Angelababy responded graciously, remarking, “I thought no one would be here so early today. Thank you all for your efforts.” The fan replied, “It’s all worth it.” Before leaving, Angelababy took the time to sign autographs and pose for adorable selfies with her fans, displaying a down-to-earth demeanour.