Angelababy shines at 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards, sparks positive reactions as she makes a glamorous comeback


    15th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Actress Angelababy steals the spotlight at 42nd Hong Kong Film Awards, signalling her “comeback” with a high-profile appearance. The actress made a grand entrance in two stunning gowns, marking her first public appearance since her hiatus. Angelababy casually mentioned that she would only be staying in Hong Kong for three days before rushing back to mainland China to be with her son, affectionately known as “Little Sponge.” Her rare appearance has officially lifted the ban on her public outings, as evidenced by the trending hashtag #AngelababySaysLittleSpongeIsAfraidOfHer, which has garnered positive attention from the public.

    During the awards ceremony, Angelababy reunited with her fellow Hong Kong actor, Stephen Fung, as they presented the “Best Asian Chinese Language Film” award to Taiwanese actor Ethan Juan for his role in “The Pig, The Snake, and The Pigeon.” Hong Kong actor Ben Yuen, who also starred in the film, accepted the award on behalf of Juan, leaving fans who had hoped to see Ethan Juan in person feeling disappointed.