Angelababy receives enormous rose from fan, reluctantly accepts with delight


    23rd February 2024 – (Shanghai) Angelababy, a prominent entertainer, faced a temporary setback in her career when she was embroiled in controversy for allegedly attending a “restricted” Crazy Horse Cabaret show in France, which led to her being banned in mainland China. After a period of laying low, she has finally made her comeback. Following the lifting of restrictions on her social media accounts, she recently extended New Year’s greetings to her fans and later attended the Film and Television Arts Academy Awards in the United Kingdom. On that occasion, she appeared in an elegant pink cheongsam, exuding a regal and sophisticated aura. She later shared underwater-themed photos taken in the same outfit on her social media, expressing her admiration for the enchanting atmosphere.

    In another notable development, Angelababy recently returned to mainland China, where she was greeted by a swarm of dedicated fans at the airport. Among them, one fan went above and beyond by presenting her with a massive rose. Initially hesitant to accept the gift, Angelababy declined, not out of embarrassment, but due to the practicality of carrying and storing such a large arrangement. However, upon learning that the rose was personally crafted by the fan, she graciously accepted the heartfelt gesture, stating, “In that case, I’ll gladly accept it! This is a true display of affection!” She then boarded her vehicle, carrying the impressive rose, demonstrating her affection for her devoted supporters.