Angelababy joins Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell etc at grand opening party of a hotel in Dubai


    12th February 2024 – (Dubai) Renowned actress Angelababy was invited to attend the grand opening party of a hotel in Dubai. The guest list included a plethora of international celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, American actress Vanessa Hudgens, supermodel Naomi Campbell, British actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Elba, and British professional tennis player Emma Radacanu, creating an atmosphere of sheer brilliance.

    Stepping onto the red carpet in a resplendent outfit from the spring-summer collection, Angelababy exuded an ethereal aura that effortlessly matched the international superstars present. Sharing her excitement on social media, she wrote, “First time in Dubai and staying in the most beautiful resort, and an amazing party at the Link! Happy Chinese New Year!”

    On her domestic social media platform, Angelababy marked this occasion as a fresh beginning. She uploaded a joyful photo with her hairstylist before the event, raising a V sign and cheerfully exclaiming, “Let’s celebrate the Year of the Dragon!” Fans were ecstatic upon seeing her stunning pictures, with the post receiving nearly a million likes within a few hours. They flooded the comments section with expressions of adoration, proclaiming, “The goddess has returned!” “So beautiful!” “Looking absolutely fabulous!”