Angelababy faces backlash and potential sanctions as fans turn against her


    2nd October 2023 – (Shanghai) Angelababy, the 34-year-old A-list actress, has been in the limelight for the past 20 years. Despite facing criticism about alleged plastic surgery and career setbacks after her divorce from Huang Xiaoming or Mark Huang, her biggest career blow came recently when she supported Lisa, a member of the South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, in a “restricted” performance. This move received massive backlash from internet users, and there are rumours that she may face official sanctions. It is unclear whether the situation is severe or if Angelababy’s optimistic personality shields her from the worries and criticism. Upon her return to Shanghai, she appeared with a smile on her face, seemingly unaffected by the controversy, still enjoying the adoration from her fans.

    While she still boasts 115 million followers on her Instagram account, her studio’s comment section tells a different story, filled with constant criticism. Some fans expressed their frustration, saying, “She should take responsibility for her own actions, and fans should not bear the blame! We are tired of this. No matter what happens next, it’s all on Angelababy.” Fans pointed out her repeated mistakes, such as her recent visit to Japan despite mainland Chinese netizens boycotting Japanese goods due to the release of nuclear wastewater. Additionally, she has been caught supporting South Korean celebrities despite rumours of a ban on Korean entertainment in mainland China.

    Despite attempts by her studio to divert attention by framing Angelababy’s support for “restricted” performances as a less harmful form of celebrity admiration, fans who claim to be rational are not buying it. They have threatened to bid farewell to Angelababy, and it seems that even the last line of defence from her fans has been breached. It appears that Angelababy and her studio need to seriously consider their next steps to salvage the situation.