Angelababy celebrates 35th birthday with family


    1st March 2024 – (Shanghai) Angelababy, the popular artist who recently made a comeback, celebrated her 35th birthday on 28th February. Taking the opportunity to share her joy, she posed for a family portrait with her parents and her son, affectionately known as “Little Sponge.” The photo shows Angelababy’s parents sitting side by side, both dressed in matching outfits, while she holds her son in her arms. Despite his eyes being covered with sunglasses, it’s evident from his bright smile and extended hand reaching out to his grandfather that he is enjoying the moment. Behind the birthday girl, there is a large bouquet of pink roses, indicating that Angelababy had a delightful birthday celebration.

    However, there are rumours circulating that due to last year’s scandal, Angelababy’s popularity in mainland China has significantly declined. As a result, many of her friends who used to send her birthday wishes have noticeably reduced their interactions.