Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal cancelled at 9am, Typhoon Ewiniar moves across seas east of Luzon


27th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory cancelled the Amber Rainstorm Warning Signal at 9am today, as the threat of heavy rainfall and thunderstorms subsided. The cancellation comes as an active southerly airstream continues to bring showers and thunderstorms to the region surrounding the Pearl River Estuary. Additionally, a trough of low pressure is impacting southern China.

Meanwhile, Typhoon Ewiniar, currently located approximately 230 kilometres northeast of Manila, is moving in a northeast direction at a speed of around 18 kilometres per hour across the seas east of Luzon.

The weather forecast for today indicates a mainly cloudy day with scattered showers and occasional thunderstorms. Some showers may be heavy at times. The maximum temperature is expected to reach about 29 degrees Celsius. Moderate south to southwesterly winds are anticipated, occasionally freshening.

Looking ahead, the next couple of days are likely to bring continued showers and thunderstorms to the region, with the possibility of heavier showers tomorrow. Furthermore, winds are expected to strengthen from the east on Wednesday, adding to the dynamic weather patterns.