Amber Rainstorm Warning cancelled at 1.45pm, HK braces for more persistent rain and squally thunderstorms


21st April 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Observatory lifted the amber rainstorm warning earlier today at 1.45pm, following intense thundery showers that swept across the region. This weather event, primarily driven by a significant trough of low pressure, has substantially affected the Pearl River Estuary area, bringing over 30 millimetres of rainfall in just a few hours to several locales.

Forecasters predict a continuation of mainly cloudy skies this afternoon and tonight, accompanied by squally thunderstorms. Initially, these showers are expected to be heavy, with moderate to fresh southeasterly winds that may strengthen offshore and on elevated terrain.

Looking ahead, the weather is set to remain volatile with frequent showers and bouts of squally thunderstorms over the next few days. The coastal areas of Guangdong are particularly likely to experience heavy showers and thunderous conditions due to the persistent low-pressure trough. This pattern is expected to continue, with the weather across southern China’s coastal areas remaining similarly unsettled into the middle and latter parts of the week.

Meteorologists advise that the unsettled conditions will feature occasional heavy showers interspersed with thundery outbreaks. Temperatures will fluctuate between 24 and 31 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, as the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) exams are in full swing in Hong Kong, marking the onset of the upcoming summer season, the Observatory forecasts continuous rainfall for the next nine days. This period will feature gusty thunderstorms with temperatures reaching up to 31 degrees Celsius. Significant rainfall is expected on the 22nd and 23rd, with brief sunny intervals not expected until the early part of next week. Students heading to their exams amidst the challenging weather should remember to carry an umbrella along with their exam materials.