Amalfitana Artisan Pizza Bar at Repulse Bay suspends business after customer tested positive for COVID-19


26th March 2020 – (Hong Kong) Amalfitana Artisan Pizza Bar, a restaurant located at Repulse Bay which is popular amongst the local expatriates announced on their Instagram yesterday they will close until 5th April to disinfect and clean the entire venue after a customer tested positive for COVID-19 on 22nd March.

We have mentioned in our earlier article that all restaurants/bars/clubs and gyms including Pure Fitness/Fitness First/GOJI. STUDIOS/INSOMNIA/VOLAR have been practising a 14-day suspension of business whenever a case is detected. However, is this a long-term solution to curb the spread of the virus? If a second case is detected again in the same establishment, does this mean that the business will close again for 2 weeks for disinfecting procedure? This futile measure of ‘closing for 2 weeks’ whenever a new case is detected serves no practical purpose. Most F&B outlets are still operating their businesses with the mindset that ‘If no customer is infected in our restaurant, we are COVID-19 free and the business will be carried out as usual.’  They do not even take body temperature of diners or prepare health declaration forms for customers to fill. The added procedure would be considered too intimidating for them. Having lax rules means that there will bound to be new cases in the near future.

The government has been urging the public to practise social distancing and they also plan to suspend all 8,600 liquor licences to reduce social contact. Legislative Councillor Priscilla Leung said this morning that a blanket ban on all industries and activities involving crowd gathering should be implemented immediately as the ban on alcohol is still insufficient.